Tilen Teržan

Tilen Terzan is a Slovenian actor based in London. He is a native English and Slovenian speaker.


Terzan, initially started training as a contemporary dancer, before making his switch to stage as an actor. He enrolled into the Theatre Acting School in Celje, Slovenia at the age of 15 where he performed 3 plays in the renowned Celje City Theatre. His path, then led him to continue his training to the UK at Bath Spa University, from which he obtained First Class Honours in Acting. Upon graduation, Terzan moved to London where he carried on perfecting his craft at The Unseen drama school.


Languages: Slovenian (native), English (native), Croatian (fluent) French (basic)
Accents and dialects: General American
Stage combat: BASSC rapier and dagger, single rapier, two-handed sword, knife.
Singing: tenor
Dance: contemporary ballet (highly skilled)
Driving licences: Car


TV and Film:
Mini Cooper (2024), commercial, barista
Lavazza (2024), documentary, barista
Unforgotten (2022)
Consequences (2018)
Dualism (2018)

Anthony and Cleopatra (2023), Agrippa
4s a Crowd (2022)
Beasts and Beauties (2021)
Terrorism (2017)
An Event in the Town of Goga (2016)
The Hothouse (2016)

Tilen Teržan

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