Mehdi Mirakhori

Mehdi is a Persian-Danish actor, based in Denmark.


Mehdi is a dramatic actor with a deep sensibility, poetic as well as physically adept. He is multilingual and speak Persian, Danish, Turkish and English (US accent). He has a solid background in film and has been acting for the last 4 years. In younger years Mehdi worked as a pilot. He won the best acting debut in New York international film awards NYIFA , and best acting debut in Oniros film award New York for his role in "Dream of escape" by Alexandre Rahmani.


- was a pilot in the younger age
- boxing 8 years
- kick boxing 9 years (won a silver medal in Danish championship in 1994)
- swimming
- languages: Persian, Danish, English, Turkish, German
- works with kids with special needs


- B role in a crime series "Sommerdahl" season 4 episode 7 & 8, and in season 5 episode 1. 2021 and 2023
- main role inc"Rippel" by Joe Mo
- main role in "Dream of escape" by Alexandre Rahmani (2021)
- B role in "Selling angels"

- 3 mobile advertisment "La familia" 2022

Mehdi Mirakhori

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