Jernej Kuntner

Jernej Kuntner is an awarded Slovenian theatre and film actor, known for his roles in TV series TV Dober dan, Naša mala klinika and Usodno vino.


Jernej Kuntner was born in 1970 in Slovenia. He graduated from the Slovenian Academy of Dramatic Arts and has since had a very successful acting career. He is a versatile actor that can convincingly portray various roles and has an impeccable comedic timing. His specialty is the ability to perform in different accents and dialects.


Languages: Slovenian, English, Serbian, Croatian, German, basic Italian
Vocals: classical, musical theatre, gospel style, choral singing
Dance: ballet, contemporary, modern, tap dance, folk
Sport: skiing, dancing, basketball, gym sports


- 1994 (film) Halgato - Pishti
- 1995 (film) Striptih - Janez
- 1996 (film) Patriot - soldier 1
- 1997 (TVseries) Pravi biznis - Pšemek
- 1999-01 (TV sitcom) TV DOBER DAN -Mercatori ( the FIRST sitcom Slovenia)
- 2001-03 (TV sitcom) Pod eno streho - postman Rado
- 2003 (film) V kraljestvu svizca -Manager
- 2005 (TV sitcom) Naša mala klinika
- 2006 (fim) Tractor, Love and Rock and roll - Gjirkoš
- 2011 (film) Thanks for Sunderland - Janez
- 2015-17 (TV series) Usodno vino - Matjaž Petrič
- 2016 (film) Slovenia, Australia, and tomorrow... - Sašo Polanič
- 2018 (film)Vsi proti vsem - Pipi
- 2019-2020 (TV series) Najini mostovi - Boris Jug
- 2020- 2021 (TV series) Sekirca v med - Nace Grošelj
- 2021 (TV series) Za Hribom (30 episodes) - župan Karel Zabašnik
- 2022 (TV series) Za Hribom (20 episodes) - župan Karel Zabašnik

Over 80 roles in radio plays

Jernej Kuntner

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