Hai Ottenhaim

Hai is a Dutch actor, who lives in Slovenia.


Hai studied acting at the Conservatory in Antwerp, lead by Dora van der Groen and Ivo van Hove. After that he also studied at the Small Academy in Brussels, lead by Luc De Smet, a direct student of Jacques Lecoq. Beside acting, I write books and direct performances. My main interest in all I do is connected with exploring and supporting who we humans are in our core. For that matter I would love to be a part of a production which explores this theme or which dares to be critical at the cold and mechanical scientific view on human life.


Languages: Dutch (native), Flemish, English (fluent), American (fluent), German (very good), Slovene (basic), French (basic)
Sports: modern and freestyle dance, biking, driving, Soccer, hockey, handball, baseball, swimming, yoga, Qigong and Aikido.
Instruments: Guitar, flute, bongo, djembe drum, handpan drum, and singing. Because I was a DJ for many years I have an extensive knowledge of music.


TV (1995 – 2000)
- Beck in - The Partisans (TV series written by Jan Derix, directed by Theu Boermans)
- Den Tex in - The legend of the Goat-riders (TV series written by Ton van Reen, directed by Karst van der Meulen).

Advertisements: (2012 – 2023)
- Actor in – Make room (for Si Mobil)
- Actor in – Businnes Autumn (for Telekom Slovenia)
- Actor in – One of a kind (for Santam, South African insurance company)
- Actor in – Mini meadow (for Ricola).
- Actor in – Good coffee wakes you up, the best one moves you (for Barcaffe Slovenia)
- Actor for an advertisement for an Irish bank

Hai Ottenhaim

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