Domen Valič

Domen Valič is a professional Slovenian actor, with extensive experience in front of the camera and on stage.


Before he devoted himself to the theatre studies he was a competitive dancer for 13 years, a national champion in 2001 and vice world champion a year after that. He graduated in acting at the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in 2009. Shortly after that he became a member of the actors ensemble at the Ljubljana City Theatre where he had the best acting nest a young actor can have in Slovenia. He did various genres: dramas, musicals and comedies. In 2017 he left the theatre ensemble and started TV hosting (Slovenia's got talent - seasons 6 & 7), starred in soap operas while also keeping balance with theatre doing monoplays and working for various theatres around the country. He also starred in a sitcom which he co-created and co-wrote.


Languages: Slovenian(native), English(fluent), Croatian(very good), Serbian(very good), Bosnian(very good), German(basic), Italian(basic), Spanish(basic)
Sports: dancing, capoeira, fencing, skiing, roller blading, ice skating, wave surfing, horse back riding, motorcycle license, boating license


Breakthrough (feature, 2019)
Comic Sans (feature, 2018)
Risk (short,2018)
Liked (short, 2015)

Ja, Chef (series, 2021-2023)
All of my Brother Girlfriends (series, 2021-2023)
River of Love (series, 2017)
Taste of Love (series, 2016)
The Hidden Memory of Angela Vode (feature, 2009)

Angels in America (Mini Theatre, starts in April 2023)

Curently in shows:
Sex with Strangers (Ptuj City Thetre, 2020)
Too Close (Zavod Paviljon& Cankar Centre, 2020)
Psycho (Glej Thetre, 2019)

Domen Valič

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