Blaž Setnikar

An awarded actor who strives towards diversity of genres as well as the characters he portrays.


Blaž Setnikar is a classically and modern trained multilingual actor who graduated at the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana. He has since regularly appeared as a part of the main cast in awarded films Consequences, Case: Osterberg, Changing Emma, Until then..., as well as some popular TV series. He has also been fully engaged with all the major theatres in the country over the years.
He has received The Slovenian Association of Dramatic Artists award, Julia Award and two Sever awards and was a part of 20th edition of Sarajevo Film Festival Talents program.


Languages: English (fluent), German (fluent), Serbo-Croatian (fluent), Russian (basic), Slovenian (mother-tongue)
Singing pitch: Baritone-Tenor
Licences: Cars, Boats, Firearms
Instruments: Piano (basic), Guitar (basic)


Film/tv - Opazovanje (Observing), feature, 2023
- Klarin ples (Klara’s dance), short, 2023
- Šterkijada (Lunatic), feature, 2023
- Pero (Pero), documentary, 2023
- Zbudi me (Wake me), feature, 2022
- Po sledeh fatamorgane (Tracing mirage), documentary, 2022
- Leninov park (Lenin's Park), miniseries, 2022
-Najini mostovi (Our Bridges), series, 2021
-Do takrat pa... (Until then...), short, 2020
-Posledice (Consequences), feature, 2018
-Truplo (The Corpse), series, 2018
-Reka ljubezni (The River of Love), series, 2017
-Winnetou: Eine neue Welt (Winnetou - A New World), 2016
-Sarajevo Songs of Woe, 2016
-The Chimney House, short, 2016
-Kaplja na vedru (A Drop in a Bucket), 2016
-Takle mamo (Household Scenes), series, 2016
-Psi brezčasja (Case: Osterberg), feature, 2015
-Dekleta ne jočejo (Girls don't cry), feature, 2015
-Vloga za Emo (A Role for Emma), feature, 2014
-Vandima, feature, 2013
-Neizstreljeni naboj (The unshot Bullet), 2011
-Lov na race (Duck Hunting), short, 2009

Blaž Setnikar

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